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Homework Help: Function evaluation in fortran

  1. Feb 26, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    How can I evaluate function in some point of x?
    So, user inputs function in a character string, and he inputs the value of x. The program then needs to evaluate f(x).
    I have read something like this:http://faculty.cs.niu.edu/~hutchins/csci230/arith.htm [Broken]

    But, I'd like to see how it looks some routine/module for this...

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    Unfortunatley didn't try anything because I don't know where to start and how to solve my problem.
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  3. Feb 26, 2015 #2


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    This is not a trivial task and depends on the complexity of functions your program would allow.

    Can you be more specific?

    As an example, if your program only allowed the four basic arithmetic operations and no parentheses then it might allow simple expressions like 1+2*3

    You need to show some work before we can help further. We can't do your work for you.
  4. Feb 26, 2015 #3
    I'm sorry, now I see it looks bad, on my post. I'm going to try to work it out somehow and then I will post again...
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    Some programming languages (the eval() function in JavaScript comes to mind) have the ability to evaluate strings that contain arithmetic and other expressions. Older languages such as Fortran don't have this capability, so your program has to parse the meaning of a string as simple as "2 + 5" and tokenize the symbols here to evaluate it.
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    Just to be clear, the expression shown at the link was not something input by a user for evaluation. It was an illustration showing how to program function expressions in FORTRAN, what symbols are used for arithmetical operators, etc.
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  7. Mar 2, 2015 #6
    I did it well!! :) I don't know if I can put it here, so everyone who might need a help can see it, because I didn't do it myself, I just copy/paste some finished code which I found online (I'm sure I did it legally) and I modified it to fit into my original code...

    I'm just a begginer in fortran, so I'm not able to do the program to parse the expression, by myself, but I was able to understand it and to fit it into mine...
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