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Homework Help: Function Graphs?

  1. Sep 26, 2007 #1
    Hey all

    Recently in a paper I was doing I came across a question which involved the graphing of a function. Now I am doing GCSE mathematics (the real exam) soon, having finished the syllabus; and have never come across anything like this before!

    Here's the question

    The graph y=f(x) is drawn

    Find f(3)

    Attempt: Do I go 3 along the X axis then go up see where it cuts the graph, draw a line there and find solutions?

    Find f(x)=6

    Attempt: Do I draw the line y=6 and see where this intersects with the graph? giving solutions

    Find ff(1)!?!

    Attempt: Do I.. do f(1), meaning go 1 across on the X axis, find the solution where it cuts the graph and go across to see the Y value, then after I obtain this value go along the X axis and find the point of intersection?

    Thanks for any help, I really don't understand! I have never seen this type of question before
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    f(3): your thinking is correct.

    f(x)=6: correct, then you "look down" to the x axis.

    ff(1): I guess that means f(f(1)). After you find y = f(1), go across the X axis to find y on the X axis, then find f(y).
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