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Functional 3D Desktop?

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    I couldn't see the first link; it just comes up as text. The demo in the second one is great, though.
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    I just checked, the first link still works, maybe your browser settings or a missing codec? Likely the video you saw in teh second link is the same as the first though.
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    That is pretty cool. I wonder if you'll need a Sun workstation to get that kind of functionality. Putting notes on the back of windows and such is pretty sweet.

    One thing though...say you're looking at a web site and you do annotate a note on the back like was shown...what happens to that note when you close your browser? Do you have to save that page?
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    I'd assume you have to save it - maybe it saves teh note and webpage as a type of bookmark? It is going to function on both Solaris AND LINUX, so I'll actually get to use it since I don't like SUN workstations :rofl:

    It looks like the open source code is actually available now but I doubt my LINUX box has hardware to run this - I need an upgrade first.
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