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Functions of two variables evolving in time with gnuplot

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    Hi there. I am making some numerical tests, and printing the results in a data file. The data file contains the Cartesian coordinates, and the function to be plotted at the x,y point for each time t in columns: x,y,f(x,y). I could add a fourth column for the time step, or equally print each time step in different files. I have already a script for gnuplot to plot in contour diagrams. I would like to extend this script in such a way that it prints a .png file for each time. This could be done just by using a single data file with x,y,f(x,y),t information in columns, or using different data files with the x,y,f(x,y) information for each time as well. The idea is to use a loop file, but I don't know how to do this.

    Does anyone here knows how to do this in gnuplot?

    I've tried to call to this file:

    t = t + 0.1
    outfile = sprintf('animation/analytical1%02.0f.png',10*t)

    set output outfile

    set terminal png size 1024,768

    splot ('fort.1%02.0f',10*t)

    if(t<end_time) reread;

    From this I get all the png files, but it looks like it is not reading the information.

    Originally, for a single time I had:

    splot 'file.dat' using 1:2:3

    But now if I put "using 1:2:3" the script gives me an error.

    Edit: Ok. It seems now it works, I added the line:

    infile = sprintf('fort.1%02.0f',10*t)

    splot infile using 1:2:3

    Edit: Fixed. Now it works.
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