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Fundamental period of a signal

  1. Sep 26, 2009 #1
    Hi all,

    First post here for me.

    1. Problem Statement

    Find the fundamental period of:
    3cos(1.3PiN) - 4sin(0.5piN +0.5Pi)

    2. Relevant equations:
    T = 2PI / w

    3. My attempt:
    Not sure how to proceed. By themselves the fundamentals period would be:

    w = 1.3Pi thus T = 2/1.3

    4sin(0.5piN +0.5Pi)

    w = 0.5pi thus T = 2/0.5

    However, I need to combine the equation somehow? It has been a long time since I had calculus and I do not remember.

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