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Homework Help: Fundamental Units

  1. Jun 15, 2009 #1
    What are the fundamental base units for Force and Volume?
    I think its cm3 for volume but not completely sure.
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    the fundamental units are

    kilogram (kg)
    metre (m)
    candela (Ca)
    second (s)
    ampere (A)
    kelvin (K)
    mole (mol)

    So for something like speed which has the formula speed=distance/time, the unit would be m/s

    So for force, write down how you'd get force and then check the units for it.
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    There are no base units for force or volume. The units for those are said to be derived from the base units. So, volume would have the derived unit m3, derived from the base unit for length, m. Likewise the derived unit for force is N = m·kg·s-2, derived from the base units m, kg, and s.
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    Thank You!
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