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Fundamentals of Aerodynamics by John D. Anderson

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    Table of Contents:

    Code (Text):
    Part 1 Fundamental Principles
    1. Aerodynamics: Some Introductory Thoughts
    2. Aerodynamics: Some Fundamental Principles and Equations

    Part 2 Inviscid, Incompressible Flow
    3. Fundamentals of Inviscid, Incompressible Flow
    4. Incompressible Flow over Airfoils
    5. Incompressible Flow over Finite Wings
    6. Three-Dimensional Incompressible Flow

    Part 3 Inviscid, Compressible Flow
    7. Compressible Flow: Some Preliminary Aspects
    8. Normal Shock Waves and Related Topics
    9. Oblique Shock and Expansion Waves
    10. Compressible Flow Through Nozzles, Diffusers, and Wind Tunnels
    11. Subsonic Compressible Flow over Airfoils: Linear Theory
    12. Linearized Supersonic Flow
    13. Introduction to Numerical Techniques for Nonlinear Supersonic Flow
    14. Elements of Hypersonic Flow

    Part 4 Viscous Flow
    15. Introduction to the Fundamental Principles and Equations of Viscous Flow
    16. Some Special Cases; Couette and Poiseuille Flows
    17. Introduction to Boundary Layers
    18. Laminar Boundary Layers
    19. Turbulent Boundary Layers
    20. Navier-Stokes Solutions: Some Examples

    Appendix A Isentropic Flow Properties
    Appendix B Normal Shock Properties
    Appendix C Prandtl-Meyer Function and Mach Angle
    Appendix D Standard Atmosphere, SI Units
    Appendix E Standard Atmosphere, English Engineering Units


    Publisher's book page: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073398101/
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