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Fundamentals of Physics

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    Can someone check this book out for me please, i'm a little confused at how something that's supposed to be so great could be so cheap. Perhaps because it's the older edition (6th and i think the 7th is out).

    Will the material be outdated or is it alright to get? I think it's a steal for 20 bucks as opposed to the new edition which costs about 150.

    Thanks for the help, i've heard that this book is supposed to be really great. Let me know!


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    Maybe i'll just save up for the newer (7th) edition. It's $130.00 from amazon which isn't too bad. I'll just save up for it, but comments on the other one i posted and this one are welcome. It looks like a great book to cover the physics i'm being taught, the physics ill be taking next year, and probably some of the physics ill take in college. Thanks!
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    It says it's published in 2000, can't be that bad then, can it? I would get the cheap one. (Unless that's a lie of course)
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    Unless you need a specific edition, there's no reason to pay for the latest edition. Authors usually get things right by the 2nd edition. The bulk of Fundamentals is classical physics that is not going to go out of date. Publishers like to keep updating books so that they can extract the most money out of the textbook market.

    You might want to read some of the threads in this subforum on the various versions and editions of Resnick & Halliday.
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    I already have the 7th edition in my hand now, but since i really needed more understanding about those concepts and also wish to improve my foundation level in physics...
    therefore i planning to buy one more/an older ver. of Fundamentals of Physics
    is there have any advice for me to purchase which version is adequate?
    i have view a thread where discussed before https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=138035&page=2"
    ^_^physicist posted his opinion saying that 4th and 6th is better, should i choose this either version?
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    is this book is by Resnik & halliday
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    Older editions are fine... the laws haven't changed since the first printing, although it may be a better book from a pedagogical standpoint.

    Only other consideration that may come into play is whether or not this is for a class. If it's for a class, the homework problems may be specific to a particular edition - although you could always get them from a classmate.
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