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Funniest 'F.r.i.e.n.d.s' Moments

  1. May 17, 2004 #1
    We all know friends is over. What is the funniest-memorable scenes-lines ? :rofl: :smile: :approve: :wink: :biggrin: :tongue2:
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  3. May 17, 2004 #2

    Enough said.
  4. May 17, 2004 #3
    I'm very proud to say that I've never watched a single episode of "Friends"
  5. May 17, 2004 #4
    I'm thinking the Ross and Monica dance.
  6. May 18, 2004 #5
    You're just like my dad. Discriminating what young people enjoy even though you've never tried out for yourself.

    Personally, I find that Friends is pretty appalling at times. I have a claim to saying that because I've watched more than half of all the episodes.

    Occassionally, you do get a funny line. I enjoyed Phoebe's songs the most, especially "Smelly Cat", but I can't remember the lyrics to it anymore.

    I remember this one song, though, that she sang during the blackout in the first season:

    "New York City has no power,
    and the milk is getting sour,
    but for me that is not scary,
    'cause I stay away from dairy."
  7. May 20, 2004 #6
    I've only seen parts of a couple of episodes, but one of them was funny. Ross and the leather pants.
  8. May 20, 2004 #7


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    That whole game-show-played-for-Monica's-apartment scene has got to be in the top 10.
  9. May 20, 2004 #8
    How come you've only seen a couple episodes? Were you and your T.V. "ON A BREAK?"
  10. May 20, 2004 #9
    Haha,so 26 is old?..it's just not my cup of hot chocolate.
  11. May 20, 2004 #10
    I've seen probably a good portion of the Friends episodes, they were alright. I'm more of a Seinfelder though. Ross and the leather pants was one of the ones I liked a lot, and the guy he talked to trying to find Marcel a new home "Is he good wth sharp objects?"
  12. May 20, 2004 #11
    Hehehehehe. That WAS a good line.

    Another moment I liked was the tag on the one where Ross has the beautiful, but filthy, girlfriend, when Monica appears at her appartement door and asks if she can come in and clean.
  13. May 21, 2004 #12

    Tom Mattson

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    I liked the "Geller Bowl".

    Monica: "Losers talk."
    Ross: "Losers walk."
    Chandler: "No, losers rhyme."

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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