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Funniest Sci Fi episodes?

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    What's peoples favorite Funny episodes?

    Mine has to be Stargate Atlantis s4 e14 : Harmony. Really funny if you haven't seen it you should watch it.
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    From the original Star Trek series: "A Piece of the Action", with Kirk and Spock dressed up like 1920s Chicago gangsters:

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    The X-Files episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space".
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    That Red Dwarf episode with the despair squid. Although I'm not sure Red Dwarf would count since it is a Sci-Fi Sit Com :)

    *edit* or the episode where Rimmer gets the holo virus that drives him insane.
    "We can't do that Mr. Flibbles.... who would clean up the mess??"
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    On an episode of "Deep Space 9" (which I didn't particularly like- but kept watching!) the crew, Sisko, Worf, and another, go back in time to the same space station where the original "Star Trek" series did "The Trouble with Tribbles", using tape from that original series, with the Deep Space Nine crew add. Worf, as he often did when trying to "pass" for something other than a Klingon, is wearing a hat that covers his forehead. The "Klingons" from the original show, of course, did not have the "forehead ridge" that all other Klingons from "second generation", on forward, had. The others ask "what happened!" Worfs response is "We Klingons don't talk about that".
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