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Funny Comics

  1. May 29, 2008 #1
    uhmm.... does anyone here know any site about funny comics or stories?

    Can you please give me some site?

    I really mean FUNNY stories.
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    calvin & hobbes.. google it, u ll get a lot of links for strips and ebooks..
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    Calvin and & Hobbes is the all-time champion of comic strips.

    http://www.comics.com/comics/pearls/" [Broken] has since won my heart too. Entirely different from Watterson's work, but really funny in its own right.
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    I never laughed at a comic strip in my life.
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    Have a look at the following site and scroll through the comics (they require a very very simplistic mind):
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    ......................ha ha?
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    Agree with rootX on xkcd. Also like We the Robots. In the past I liked Men in Hats and PhD Comics. And Morphism just posted the best one ever!!
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    I suppose Cyanide and Happiness might work for you. I don't really find comics funny (Let's start a club Cyrus!) but a friend of mine loves there's. Its at explosm as well.
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    xkcd rocks!

    Also, if you are studying science and engineering, especially if your are a grad student:

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    Have you ever heard of the word "I" or "me"?
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    Me agree with binzing.
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    uhmm....besides comics...how about stories??
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    Isaac Asimov's Treasury of Humour has some fun stories and jokes in it. It's quite old now though.

    And for comics...
    http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/archives.php?y=2008 [Broken]
    The Boondocks (which has also become a cartoon on adultswim)
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    i think we can get cyrus going if we all wish real hard. i remember being asked once if i liked prairie home companion, which i then thought the absolute stupidest show in the world. since then i have rather enjoyed it, especially guy noir and other dopey radio show imitations.
    maybe we should refer him to some gary larson strips for starters, or the classical series by garry trudeau on reagan's brain.

    apparently all funny cartoonists are named gar[r]y.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Go into management.
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    I dont get it?
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    what are those cartoons called with the stickmen and the orange bodies?
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