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News Funny: Ku Klux Klan shoots itself in the head

  1. Dec 20, 2003 #1
    Natural selection at work:

    Ku Klux Klan shoots itself in the head

    Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles
    Wednesday November 26, 2003
    The Guardian

    The Ku Klux Klan, the white supremacy group notorious for its lynchings of black people and those who favoured desegregation, has scored a spectacular own goal. One of its members has been critically injured after being struck by a bullet fired into the air during a Klan initiation ceremony.

    While the organisation is more a subject of ridicule than fear these days, it still has members and still holds initiation ceremonies. The latest took place in Johnson City, Tennessee, the state where the Klan was formed in 1866 by veterans from the Confederate forces.

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    I don't see how someone being shot in the head is funny, but anyhow..
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    Monique, imagine that some neo nazi group that was always going on about the fearful military prowess of Nazi Germany had done that in the Netherlands. People would jeer, partly because they have a nasty history with those folks, and the people they admire. So too with the Klan. When I was a kid you occasionally came across pictures of bodies hanging from trees or lampposts. Blacks lynched by the Klan. That horror has by the actions of some very brave people, some of whom were matryred, been stopped. And these imitators are beneath contempt for nearly everyone in the US of A.
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    Yes, they are imitators, weak distillations of a morally compromised group.

    I'd rather have headed this with: look what these stupid people did to themselves. The reason I say it is not funny, is that people are killed or injured all to often by sky-fire shot out of enjoyment or celebration..
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    Well said selfAdjoint.
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    Wow, I agree with HAVOC
    Monique, you said
    Yes, far too many innocent people, but anyone who does, or is part of a group of idiots that is now only a copycat of what it used to do, violate many american citizens' constitutional rights, deserves jail time.
    And I agree, one of the best examples of evolution gone bad is that the stupid people are everywhere. Evolution couldn't forsee the fact that the smart would invent things that make life easier, they would be ridiculed and sometimes killed, and then their invention would be used to ease the lives of the idiots, giving them more time and resources to reproduce.
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    Ku Klux Klansmen shooting themselves in the head creates a eugenic effect.
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    I have to agree with Monique.

    I did not find the article humorous at all.
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