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Funny mime

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    Sorry, I won't watch it. Mimes rank right up there with clowns and nuns :surprised
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    Okay, I can see the mime and clown connection, but nuns?
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    When I was a kid they all wore the full lenth black habits and they all kind of looked evil and mean. Then my best friend was beaten up very badly by one in her catholic school{she was 7}..then I found out they thought they were married to Jesus...so in my mind, there Steven King material :surprised
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    :rofl: You're lucky you missed coming around here when the gun-totin' sisters of PF were all wearing their habits. :biggrin: They don't just look evil, they are evil. :approve: I was just thinking in terms of face paint when I first read that comment.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Octopi are underestimated. They are talented and resourceful creatures. So are nuns.
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    I just may send this to my old teacher, Sister Ignatius Zoobie, SSND. First, she would kneel and pray for your poor lazy soul. Then, she would get out her book of grammar and hunt you down for a lesson in the difference between there, they're, and their.

    Before she left she might tackle the proper spelling of Stephen King's first name.
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    All while having a painted grimace like smile on her face..aaggghhhh I'm doomed!
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    I like the Far Side cartoon about a mime. It's something like -
    "If a tree falls in the forest and kills a mime, would anybody care?

    A clown nun. :surprised Hypatia you've given me the scariest visual I've ever imagined.
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