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Funny or Interesting Graffiti

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    Found this on the door to a bathroom stall at work. I thought it was interesting to see a literary reference in a graffito. Perhaps "Screwtape" has some other significance to the author other than the book by C.S. Lewis though.


    Does anyone else have interesting graffiti to share?
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    I have an embarrassing but very funny story about graffiti.

    My daughter was one of those kids who learned how to read very, very early (she was 3!). By the time she was 4 she could read at about a second grade level.

    One day our family was at an Italian restaurant, and she had to use the restroom. I wasn't finished eating yet but her dad was, so he took her to the men's room.

    Now, at some age, it's inappropriate for a child to go into the restroom of the opposite gender. But in my opinion, it's ok at age 4 when accompanied with a parent (I realize this will vary widely with culture).

    After several minutes she comes running back to me, saying very loudly, "Mom, you wouldn't believe what I read! It said on the wall, 'I love to eat *****!'" and she laughed and laughed at the thought of eating a cat.

    Oh. My. God.
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    I think that bathroom graffiti was compensating for something.
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    I spent enough time cleaning those bathroom stalls that I don't even read them anymore. A shame really. There's some fascinating humor to be garnered there. Unfortunately, whatever they have to say is lessened in value when it is written in any manner of human body fluids.
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    I always hated cleaning restrooms. Never really had to deal with any graffiti though.

    Another graffito I have mentioned here before was "Jesus Saves" and in a seperate hand underneath it "On Long Distance Calling".

    I also seem to remember a story I read not that long ago about the front of an Air Force base being graffitoed with "Yossarian Lives!"
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    Haha, graffito. I love those words that are so unfamiliar in their singular form that I don't even recognize them.

    Cleaning restrooms was never my favorite thing either. The graffiti was a product of a perturbed crew. Discontent was common among the enlisted on the ship where I was stationed. I would be more appreciative of their sentiment if they chose another method to express it. I'm happy to say that true scholars use ink. It draws more attention to the idea rather than the crude matter, at least for the one that has to clean it. Though I guess if the thought is crude then the matter should match. Repainting was a familiar and more comfortable chore. I preferred ink.

    I've never read Catch 22. I don't think I'll understand the Yossarian reference until I do. Judging by the best books thread it sounds like a winner.

    Did you take that stall photo on a cell phone? For some reason it still surprises me when someone has a camera on them at some random time. I really should be used to that by now.
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    Not compensating, augmenting. Think olympic decathlon...
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    Yes. I have a camera phone though I don't really use it much. I've been thinking of using it to take pictures for the photo contests but the picture quality is not so great.

    I think you would enjoy Catch-22. Its sort of like MASH but crazier and at points much darker.
    Yossarian is the main character. He's a bomber pilot and won some metals though he would say that the supposed acts of bravery without regard for his own life were really daringly frantic acts of cowardice made to preserve his life. His greatest goal was to not die hence "Yossarian Lives!", which I guess is a metaphor saying that he beat the system giving us hope that we may beat it aswell. Its not anything directly from the book itself.
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    I thought this was funny the first time I saw it:

    5. Wipe hands on pants.

    Added to the instructions on the hot-air hand dryer.

    In Japan, in the mens' room you will often see a sign that says 'One step forward'. It means step close to the urinal so you won't splatter. One time I saw written below it 'Two steps back'.
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    In the chemistry building of my university, some vandal took it upon himself to write "$-BILL Y'ALL" all over the place. No one knew who did it, but it became a common phrase among faculty and students. Something to say when there was nothing else to say in a social conversation, or when someone just blurted out something that was awkward or confusing. It usually followed awkward silence, and was followed by unconditional laughter.
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    Over the urinal.

    It is our aim to keep this room clean.

    Your aim will help. :)
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    :bugeye: :yuck: What is WRONG with people? I mean, really, who but the mentally ill would even THINK to do something like that? :yuck: :confused:
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