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Funny physics related speech?

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    I know this is silly but it'd be greatly helpful. I'm in grad school for astrophysics AND have a full time job in an office (media). The office is amazing, the people are great. I've been here for about 8 months now. One of the most liked co-workers is moving and leaving us (she just got engaged as well) and we're all supposed to do a mini speech/presentation (solo). I want to be original and add my own flair or add a touch of science but make it somehow funny. Anyone have any ideas?

    I'm not super close to her though. She's the loudest/funniest in the office (class clown type). She's born a day after me. Likes super cheesy 90's hip hop and kind of has a dirty sense of humour.

    I know this is a loooong shot and no one will probably reply, but if you do I will be most appreciative. I've written countless of papers and speeches, and I'm drawing a blank here.
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    Oh boy, I don't know...Maybe if I sat down with a black cup of coffee...

    --David St. Hubbins, Spinal Tap
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    The first part is easy, the way to steal material from another and still be original is simply to steal from more than one. But I don't see how we can help you add your own flair. Perhaps if you gave us an example of your flair we could give it a try.
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    Wow, being forced to be spontaneous and sincere. I'd tell the person that gave that mandate to come up with something quick.
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    If you do not like her, why do you want to please her?
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    Do you want to make this like a whiz-bang type of presentation? Maybe start with a prop and build your speech around it.

    Like, lighting a fluorescent bulb in your hand with a Tesla coil...


    ...and making some comments about how she "lights up the office" or something corny like that :biggrin:.
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    ... You're gonna leave a hole for sure when you leave, but I'm hoping that this will make the team more conductive..err, connected...err, whatever. :tongue:

    I'd just wish her good.
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    Well thanks for the responses. And I realize the 'my own flair' part makes no sense. I was typing it right before I left work. I'd like to clearly add my own flair but since that's clearly going nowhere, I wanted some suggestions. No big deal, no worries. Thanks anyway, everyone.

    Edit: Also Lisa, thanks! That's actually very cool. I'm considering it, now to only write my speech around it. Ah we'll see, maybe I will just ~wish her luck~
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    maybe say something about black holes that could be taken more then one way.
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