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Funny Pictures

  1. Sep 21, 2012 #1
    Just a thread to post funny pictures you found on the net. I searched but didn't find a thread for this. Hopefully I'm not wrong.


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  3. Sep 21, 2012 #2
    Both are great but the first one is just EXCELLENT!
  4. Sep 23, 2012 #3
    glad you like it uneasyrider. these are not as good, but I still like them.


  5. Sep 23, 2012 #4
    LOL I like that last one the best! That's me! I have a TON of free time until I remember I forgot to do a bunch of stuff like I did today...
  6. Oct 19, 2012 #5
    hahah me too. always.

    haha, looks like I'm the only one who collect funny pictures. Two more.


  7. Oct 19, 2012 #6
    LOL :D I sympathize!
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