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Funny Voice

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    I can't really hear it properly. Sounds kind of like Russian or Polish, maybe. :confused:
    It's pretty funny, though. :rofl:
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    lol what else is there to say.
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    I almost feel bad for him

    jeez that was funny.
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    :rofl: :rofl: Funny. It's actually Dutch (or Flemish, rather).
    They are trying to have a very serious discussion. The woman has apparantly been in narcosis (after a surgery maybe (?)) and has to live with some kind of disability for the rest of her life. The guy with the funny voice is her boyfriend. So it's supposed to be serious.

    At the end, the host asked about the impact it had on their sexlife. So the funny guy says it's not always the physical aspect that counts, but also the loving words you say. At that moment the guy really couldn't hold it anymore :biggrin:

    I had a similar experience once. I was walking on the street witha friend of mine. There was this big guy appraoching us. He was about 2m tall, broad shoulders, big belly and rough beard. Like some lumberjack. Then he asked us for directions in the most funny high squeaky voice I ever heard. We really had to try not to laugh out loud, it was so unexpected.
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