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Further from Earth

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    Ok... so Im looking for some direction and perhaps a Readers Digest style of simplicity in response... I do not think "time" slows as "traveler" gains further distance from Earth. (as I am not committed to saying; "time slowed"... rather I am looking for the, (if any) theory that touches upon the effects of time (in measure) as a "traveler" (could be light, if need be... However, I would like to consider the effect on the possibility of people), traveled further from Earth's surface.

    Anyone got anything?
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    Hi Attheotherend, welcome to PF

    I got confused. What was the question?
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    Well the prediction from General Relativity would be that clocks near the earth's surface run slower than those farther away because they are embedded deeper in the potential well. This effect is very real and has been demonstrated experimentally.
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    First off... thanks for the 'welcome' secondly...
    Q. Where do I find a theory on what happens to "time" (and the Traveler) as One travels further in distance from the earths surface. (i.e speed, measurable perception)

    ... and furthermore thanks to Nabeshin... I think I was understood (which is alway helpful but not always the case, as I am all to well familiar with) :)
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    The appropriate theory would indeed be General Relativity as Nabeshin mentioned.
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