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Further maths

  1. Oct 17, 2005 #1


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    At the mo im in the first year of a levels and i was taking chemistry, biology, maths and physics. but physics really sucked as the teachers were always 15- 20 mins late, and the course is rubbish as its based in really life, so all the questions were like " in the mid 1880s american photographer Eadweard Muybridge took several sequences of photographs showing horses in motion. Treating the leg motion as a simple oscillation, state the phase relationships between the legs of a walking horse". That is an actual question i was given. ive now changed to further maths which i love but it is really hard especially as i have to catch up 1 1/2 months (about 40 hours) of work which i have missed...
    which leads me to my point: does anyone know of any good revision guides for OCR maths and further maths.


    liz xxxxxxxxxx

    ps any reassurance that i made the right decision to change from physics to further maths would be appreciated. i want to do medicine, so i wont be able to go to some universities now ive taken further maths, but i still think it was the right one to do.

    pps i do really like physics, i don't mean to offend any physicsy people by dropping the subject and saying it sucks. phsyics at my school sucks, not the cubject itself.
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    I used to read through the Heineman A-level books for maths and further maths.... they're pretty good.
    A member on here, rho, said he has some notes, so you can try private messaging him for them...
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    if you really do like physics, couldn't you drop biology or chemistry and dofurther maths and physics?

    I think you'll find (I know I did, and it's the general consensus) that further maths is a big help to a Maths or Physics related degree (particularly in your first year).

    You could go down an applied Maths route without taking any physics at a-level, not much real pure maths was taught in my a-levels (about 4 years ago).

    As for revision guides, I think I had one by Letts, or something like that, but never really used it. I don't know if they're still popular, or ever were recommended, which probably isn't much help. I think our maths modules were under OCR as well.

    Oh, and as for your current physics lessons, well, at least you know now that Eadweard Muybridge was a 1880's photographer :smile:
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    Did you get my email, if not i'll try again.
    I would attach them on here but there too big :frown:
  6. Oct 17, 2005 #5
    Nope. :( Sadly I didn't..
    you could try sending them to me by uploading them to yousendit.com and then it would e-mail me the link to the file...
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    hey, i've started my physics AS this year and we looked at the same photos of the horses, but now we've moved on to projectiles and motion. Although one of the teachers loves to set homework which is completley unrelated to the syllabus like writing poems, which is really annoying! Anyway i'm doing all sciences and maths, i was going to do further maths but then i realised i hate stats. As for revision books have you already tried amazon? My mate's got this one:http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0521548969/202-5574301-9967825
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    The thing is, i want to do medicine... so i should really do biology. its not necessary for all universities but i think i need it to be more balanced.
    For my maths a level (i don't know about further maths, we don't do that until next year) we do 2 pure modules and 2 applied (for my school that one mechanics and one stats).
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    As long as you get AAB or higher in chemistry, biology and maths you will probably get and offer (but medicine is ridiculously competitive, so you may not). A lot of med schools like a non-science subject offered at AS level.

    Further maths is a good qualification to have and it means you get too finish a full A-level in one year which is nice. If you get a high A in all the A-level maths modules you should have no problem with further maths.
  10. Apr 22, 2010 #9
    what would be the best set of book for a level further maths( including statistics and mechanics)
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