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Further plausible (?) elaboration on Fermi Paradox

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    Relating to Fermi Paradox, how far away from earth might the oxygen signature of our atmosphere be spectographically detectable? The flip side is how far away might an exo-terrestrial planet's atmospheric oxygen signature be detectable? For example,Gliese 581 c,d are larger (5-7x earth) terrestrial planets at 20 lyrs distance.[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gliese_581_c]So [Broken] it might seem possible that at a far distance, any visiting simple (to re-build) mini-robotic craft (with a spectographic capability) could covertly survey it's larger environment. Hence a fast, cost effective, and extensive way of surveying for surface life; thus for our planet, over 2 billion years of significant oxygen signature exposure. Of course there would be no residual evidence from any such oxygen signature detection of life.

    see Fermi paradox and Von Neumann probes
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