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Further Studies

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    Its still very early days for me, but im looking at the prospects of doing further studies after my BEng (Chemical and Process). I have only just finished my first year.

    Anyway, at some stage during my life i would really like to go further with my studies, and perhaps complete a phD or atleast a masters in engineering. In general, is it better to go straight into postgraduate studies after completing a batchelors degree, or will i be better off going into industry to gain some work experience and then go back to uni at a later stage?

    What are the benefits of completing postgraduate work? I guess it would mean a better salary (how significant though?), i would be more qualified for certain jobs and i guess more highly regarded as an employee in general. I have also considered going into academia after working in industry for a bit, which i know will require some postgrad work.

    One last question; i have heard of a "EngD". How does this compare to a phD? Is one any more highly regarded than the other? Do they involve similar work?

    Thanks in advance for the advice, and as i mentioned, i know it is still very early days for me, but it never hurts to know this information beforehand :smile:
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