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Homework Help: Fusing factor equations

  1. Apr 8, 2009 #1
    hi all,

    ive been doing an experiment to do with fusing factors and unfortunately i didnt read
    my experiment coursework sheet properly and have only recorded the current going
    through a wire at a certain voltage. the results have then been used to work out the resistance,
    i was wondering whether there was an equation to work out the fusing
    factor with only the voltage, current, resistance and length

    for example,
    3cm length constantan wire
    0.2v across the wire
    reads an average of 3.01Amps
    the resistance is therefore 0.07

    i have read an old question that is exactly what i am doing but i am still rather confused.
    anyone know anything about this?

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  3. Apr 8, 2009 #2
    i have had time to try and answer my question.
    so far i have come up with one equation that seems
    to answer most of my problems.

    the equation is as follows (lets hope i can use this symbol thing properly!)

    [tex] \\I_f = \\C \\d^\frac{3}{2} [/tex]

    (Hurrah the symbols worked!)
    [tex] \\I_f [/tex] is the fusing current

    [tex]\\C[/tex] is Preece's Constant ( it depends on which material you use)

    [tex]\\d[/tex] is the diameter but be careful it has to be in inches
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