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Fusion and quantum tunneling

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    Hello fellow scientists,
    Do all stars rely on quantum tunneling for fusion or do high mass stars break the Coulomb barrier without tunneling? Thanks
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    all stars depend on Tunneling to start Nuclear fusion. I have not come across any star in my course where we talked about breaking the coulomb barrier
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    Simon Bridge

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    You can probably answer your own question.
    What is it that gives rise to the coulomb barrier?

    In high mass stars, the core density is very high - what does that do to the mean separation of nuclei?
    What does than mean for the size of the coulomb barrier?

    How dense would the core need to be for the mean separation to be within the range of the strong nuclear force?
    How massive would a star have to be to get that dense?
    Are there any fusing stars that massive?
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