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Fusion -- estimate of cost

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    Hey guys,

    Do you have ideas on the current dollar amount spent on nuclear fusion research since it's Rutherfordian inception?
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    $100 billion worldwide, including magnetic and laser fusion.
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    ITER $17,000,000,000, NIF $4,200,000,000, JET $500,000,000, and Tri Alpha $500,000,000 are over $22 billion alone. Your figure may not be too far off, especially when considering DOE grants (part of which goes to ITER and NIF?) seem to have been $1,000,000,000+/year for the last 10+ years as well.

    ~$32,000,000,000 so far.
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    My $100 billion is in current dollars (as you requested), not as-spent dollars.
    For example, JET expenses were far above $1 billion in current dollars (not 500 million).

    Don't forget the huge fusion programs in Japan, China, Korea and Russia for the past 30 years.

    Worldwide expenditures on fusion are currently at least $7 billion annually.
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