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Fusion Power Resistance

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    Having been an avid movie watcher when I was younger, I've developed a sort of assumption that new power sources aren't very welcome in a country driven by oil economics.

    I understand a lot of the answers will be speculation, but I'd like to hear some opinions.

    Is it true that fusion is 'discouraged' by powerful oil companies and affiliated government?

    (inspired by Astronuc's "Prometheus Woes")
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    Well fusion power is out of the league of oil companies so you have to stick with government views here. As far as I can tell, its not true because Europe is taking strides into fusion as a power source without any real interference. Plus of course, we gotta think exactly what role does fusion power play with respect to what the oil industry has its hands in. No one is going to be driving fusion powered cars anytime soon and oil-based power plants are really expensive (that's why they are normally only activated as peak load necessities) to operate so it's not like fusion power is going to be taking away anyything from oil on the electrical energy area.

    My minds a lil fuzzy right now but the one connection I can actually see is the oil companies benefiting from fusion power as they will probably be one of the first to introduce a hydrogen distribution system. Cheap electrical energy might convert into cheaper and more profitable hydrogen storage distribution. Seems like oil companies... well the ones that can think... would be loving the idea of fusion energy. But my minds pretty tired right now so I might be missing something tremendously obvious.
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    No. Fusion power would be about the greatest discovery in history - and worth trillions of dollars for companies able to exploit it.
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    Fusion power can only supply the portion of energy used for electricity. Oil will still be required for trucks(400-600hp engines), trains(1200-3000hp engines), airplanes(3000-10000hp), ships(20,000hp+), chemicals for all purposes, plastics of all kinds, lubricants, tires, on and on the list goes.

    Oil companies will be going strong when our great-great grandchildren are old.

    Sorry if this dampens the enthusiasm for fusion, but that's the way it will play out.
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    If you had massive amounts of fusion energy for electricity - one could electolyze water
    and use the hydrogen produced as a portable fuel for trucks, trains, airplanes,...

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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