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Can anyone help with this please...

Would the following work?

Magnetic inertial Confinement Hybrid Fusion Reactor.

Peeta Watt lasers are focused on the plasma in the equatorial plane of the multi mega amp plasma pulse within its’ torous geometry between the center post and the merging compression coils. This creates the high temperatures and pressures required at an ignition point... a focal length distance form the laser.

Would this work, or is it necessary are the temperatures and pressures already met but the energy can not be controlled?



Magnetic inertial Confinement Hybrid Fusion Reactor.



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This is a little too facile.
The challenge in a tokamak is to get both the density and the temperature up to the point where fusion can propagate, else one pays extra for every fusion event .
Dumping in a lot of energy via a laser beam just creates a hot spot which disturbs the plasma and complicates the task of squeezing the plasma sufficiently.
The engineering effort to make that approach functional is likely to be much greater than that needed to bring the existing work to a successful conclusion.

As an aside, the US fusion effort is already running on starvation rations, in line with the desultory international effort currently centered on ITER, so there is no money for alternate approaches. The current programs are post 2050 at best, low priority and low budget, partly perhaps because success would step on many toes. The one ray of light is that the problem is getting renewed private attention. In a world where there are centi-billionaires willing to pay for results, there may be opportunity for a breakthrough.

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