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Homework Help: Fusion vs Fission

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    I was wondering if somebody out there might be able to help with my problem, by posting a suitable web-link if they happen to know one. I need to know the differences between Fusion and Fission. I understand that fusion is when atoms of a light element are combined to an atom of a heavier element, and that fission is the splitting of a heavier atom. However that is where my knowledge ends. Thanks in advance to those who reply,
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    Depends on the level of knowledge you want....


    ( and then click on the relevant links)

    http://www.s-cool.co.uk/topic_quicklearn.asp?loc=ql&topic_id=7&quicklearn_id=6&subject_id=16&ebt=319&ebn=&ebs=&ebl=&elc=4 [Broken]

    These are good intro / basic sites...

    Any good?

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    thank you EaGG
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