Future additions to busses

Hello all!

Today when I was driving home from school with bus (80km drive). And as the bus was trying to turn around in a really tight place and it was really struggling. So i started thinking that could it be possible to make bus have both axles turning so the turning area would be lot less and it would be able to maneuver easily. But it should also be lockable, so it would not make buses worse to drive. I might be wrong but when there are 3 axles this is possible as then there is only one wheel on one side of the axle. With 2 wheels on one side the turning of the wheel would be impossible... The only problem is the steering rods and the strength of the chassis so the bus would be stable and drivable?

It's certainly possible to use both active and passive systems to cause rear wheel steering. The only problem I can see with an active mechanical system is the length of the bus.

With a fly by wire system this would be easy to implement, probably prohibitavely expensive though. As buses don't tend to take very tight corners too often.

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