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Future Astrophysics major here!

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    Hello all! I've been here on the Physics Forum before, but I decided it would be a good idea to finally create an account as I'm now officially enrolled at Arizona State studying Astrophysics starting this Fall! So I imagine I'll more than likely be a more frequent visitor from now on. I'm absolutely ecstatic to have found my passion in science after years of hard work in school (especially math, of course). I guess after being baffled and amazed by the wonders of the universe for my entire, short life, I've finally realized that this is my calling. Anyways, I look forward to hopefully assisting others on this forum in the future, just as some of you have already indirectly helped me!
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    Welcome to PF?
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    LOL, you're not sure?
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    Haha I'm on my phone :)
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