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Future Career?

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    Hello guys, I'm new here and just need a little advice.
    I was planning on a Engineering degree I finished my first year in it.
    I really love Math(all types) and Physics. But I also love being outside and physically moving etc. A job where you sit at a desk all day isnt for me. I get the feeling all engineer are office people the biggest part of the time.
    was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for types of engineers that are actually out and around some? maybe Environmental Engineering? or any other types of job/careers that would apply to me/what i described?
    thank you guys

    have a good one

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    There are many industries which have positions such as Field Service Engineers. These are people that typically travel around fixing and maintaining product. Aside from that, you'll find that at many small companies, engineers have a broader range of responsibilities, many of which require being "up" and doing stuff.
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    Don't forget the construction engineering positions, with companies big (like Bechtel or Fluor) and small (the ones in your town). These need engineers from all disciplines (mech, elec, civil, etc) and they all do alot of walking and climbing all day long.

    Or, how about the system engineers and maintenance engineers in the power plants and process plants? Plenty of walking & climbing there - I never had to worry about eating too much lunch when I was working like that. There is some deskwork, but most of it is done in trailers rather than offices, and you tend to keep your hardhat on while typing...
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    thanx guys :)
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