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Future has already known or not

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    In physics there is any study about future knowledge If you have any ideas can you tell me I know some studies but Iam not sure about them.

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    There are theories in physics which detail the limits of what one can reasonably know about future measurements (e.g. quantum uncertainty principle, chaotic dynamics in classical physics), but there isn't a specific branch of physics dedicated to future knowledge.

    In some ways, all of physics is a study about future knowledge. Given the present information of a system, and our theories describing how a system evolves in time, we can make reasonably good guesses about the future state of that system. Over time, physicists are also getting better at saying just how good those guesses can be.

    Physics can't tell you very much about the future, though, because most systems (i.e. kittens) are much much too complicated to be described at the elementary level.
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    Thanks for your help.
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