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Future in Cosmology

  1. Aug 25, 2009 #1
    Alrite im sure this question has been asked many times. What do i need to take in college for a future in cosmology? i don't want to waste too much time in school but if i have to im willing to do it, and i was wondering if a job in cosmology paid well? if so or not how much?? ive also thought about astrophysics but it seems almost too broad, i had an intrest in cosmology before i had an intrest in astrophysics, i know most of the classes that are required for astrophisics but i wanted to know if there was a big difference for cosmology.
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    Cosmology is largely theoretical. If you want to study astrophysics, I suggest that you look into the University of Arizona at Tucson's curricula. It is broad and flexible and you can change concentrations as you learn and get more interested in one aspect or another. I have a young friend from Mongolia there, and he was able to get operator status at the on-campus observatory right away and was able to get work assembling instrumentation as a freshman. That college has world-grade mirror fabrication facilities, and their instrumentation facilities are really great. If you are sharp and a hard worker, you'll probably have work available when you graduate.

    You can shoot for cosmology, but you may be more employable with good engineering skills and a degree in astrophysics. Be the person who manages to make the observations possible that can bolster or dash the hopes of the theoreticians.

    All practicality aside, if I were young and starting over, I might work my tail off and try to get a toe in at the Perimeter Institute because I find that approach at unification attractive.

    Good luck, whatever you decide.
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