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Future in Drafting?

  1. Dec 1, 2015 #1

    I am working as a drafter more than a year now in a valve industry but always keen to learn more. I do like designing, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics and as a drafter I came to learn API. I want to know if piping design course is worth to undergo? I mean looking at current scenario where conventional source is depleting fast. So if I am to choose any field which one is best?
    I welcome any possible field related to mechanical course.
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    Drafting is an entry level position. A piping design course is basically a specialized technical endeavor that may not last long (such things are getting automated).

    If you truly like thermodynamics and fluid mechanics I suggest following a broader approach toward getting an Engineering degree. Use your work to fund efforts at school. I suggest working as many hours as you can at a local community college. If you can get through that, then spring for the big money Engineering School. Most of your class credits should transfer. Talk to some school guidance counselors.
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    It is not typical for a person doing drafting to have technical knowledge beyond, such as fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. If that is accurate, you are off to a good start. Also, are you already actually doing 'piping design' or rather documenting such design?
    Either way, you should always follow your interests and for career and pay purposes as already suggested, take the most education you can. Perhaps if you did take the 'piping design course' and followed that with further education,such as computer design, YOU could be one who designs the automation?
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    I was thinking the same. I am new and exploring possibilities.

    I already have a degree in mechanical engineering and that's how I learned my interest towards fluids and thermal. After completion I got job as draftsmen in an organization which not only helped me to have grip in drafting software but also explored many standards used in industries. Now I'm bit confused which way to go?

    True that I should follow my interests. Good idea to go with computer design which will help in Automation. Automation is a good choice but never heard use of piping design in automation.
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