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Future Jobs

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    So I was thinking, there are probably a lot of professions that won't be around in a few decades. For example, the mail man. A lot of mail is sent over the internet anymore, so sooner or later we might not need mail men. A milk man used to be a common job a long time ago, but milk is no longer delivered. So what jobs do you think won't be available in the future?
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    A lot of mail is sent over the internet now.***
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    Physical mail (letters) will certainly decrease, but I can't see it going away, the postal service has already revamped itself to be more of a package delivery service, like UPS and FedEx. Due to the increase of shopping by TV and online, the need for package delivery has skyrocketed.

    I always think back to the I love Lucy episode where she decides to invest in a hat store, the owner said you couldn't go wrong because people will always have heads, little did they realize that hats (head coverings) would go out of style after so many hundreds, if not thousands of years.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think that to a large extent actors will be disappering soon. The computer generated stuff is getting very close to looking real, and it has already been shown that computer generated faces can be more "attractive", or more appealing than real faces.

    With this, it struck me that TV anchors may go the wayside as well.

    TV repairman are all but a thing of the past. What repair is done is just module replacement.

    Checkers and cashiers should mostly be gone soon. As it is I usually use the self-check lane at Wal Mart when I'm forced to go there. And before long, each product will probably be RFID tagged and everything will be automatically scanned and billed to your account when you walk out the door of a store.

    Many forms of manual labor are gone or disappearing due to automation. Orville Reddenbachers [popcorn company] already has a lights-out plant that operates mostly without personnel - hence the lights are often off to conserve energy.

    Meter readers for power and gas. I assume that many or most have already disappeared.

    Mimes. I suspect that this was an art form that endured well past its time and died with Marcel Marceau.

    Fighter pilots may disappear, but it appears that one plane with a pilot and numerous robotic drone planes may be a good combination for now. However, I think the age of pilots has in principle ended. How long will it be until we have completely automated commercial aircraft?
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    I am afraid schools and teachers will be a thing of the past as well, with online resources, degrees, and maybe even virtual classrooms.
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    See what I just posted about yahoo. I would be extremely distraught if the mail man got replaced with yahoo. The difference is that the mail man doesn't open and read your mail. Every email you send through google,yahoo,msn gets read by an outside entity (data mining computer, in the least).
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    Boy are you wrong about mail (as I mentioned in your other thread). Reading your paper mail is the easiest and most common way to obtain information. :rolleyes:
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    The mail man still exists but he just codes in C for a living.

    As long as third world countries hang around, there will be no getting rid of most jobs.

    I imagine that 300 years forward, the world will either be a "too-lazy-to-even-procrastinate" person's dream or, well, in pieces.
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    I really dont think teachers will ever dissapear.
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    The list is a bit short sighted:

    If you can't make an AI that is better at reading an X-Ray than my doctor we need to restart computer science from the beginning.

    We invented books to handle the learnign part. The keeping little monsters out of the way of real people until the turn 18 could be handled by robots with laser beams.

    Two words - Soylent green.

    You put out a consitently shaped bin in the same place at the same time. Add an RFID tag and an autonomous vehicle picks it up.

    Of course - they are in charge of inventing the robots.

    Everyone is paid electronically, everyone buys goods electronically. A person is needed to track this why?

    Probably true - personal services is going to last a lot longer than other jobs.

    Combination of remote operated vehicles and outsourcing to 3rd world mercenaries.

    You mean TV evangelsists aren't CGI ?

    Probably I imagine the interference from the Taser could be a problem for a robot. Plus it's tricky to make a machien that runs on donuts!

    Two words - toaster pockets.
    Did you see the 'inkjet' concrete printer that could produce a home direct from CAD?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    One word - biodiesel. :surprised
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    you ought to have some respect for the dead.
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    Virtual Reality.
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    Who is this quote from (someone at silicon graphics/Xerox parc? )
    "When virtual reality means some slob from Queens can have sex with <insert name of 80s star> in his basement, it's going to make crack cocaine look like chia pets"
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    I don't know, but virtual reality and/or the holodeck will probably be societies last invention.
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