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Future of Genetics

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    Hi there, sorry this question may already have been answered, several times. I tried to use the search function but couldn't come across such a thread.

    Long story short, I was wondering what you think of the future in Genetics? I'd imagine each embryo will be genetically modified perhaps to reduce hereditary risks of disorders and such, but what else?

    [Sorry to keep my thread short, my aim is to just understand what others think]
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    In the future we will learn how to stop aging process via genetics. When this happens, way too many humans on earth--so news laws concerning "reproduction" will result. Imo, there will be no need for embryos from egg and sperm cells, stem cells will be used to continue species--each individual will clone them self to form a "family" group. This process will be completely regulated by government to replace death via accidents. Different family groups will join for sexual needs. Climatic chambers will be built for humans to live in to ensure constant conditions, thus eliminating any evolutionary need for sexual reproduction (that is, sexual reproduction only adaptive in a changing environment). Sexual reproduction that results in birth of child will be out lawed--no pro life nor pro choice. All humans (except for a very small class of what Plato called Philosopher Kings) will be forced to become sterilized--otherwise put to death. It is much more effective to monitor and control reproduction via stem cells than union of egg and sperm via intercourse. Not to worry, you will be genetically programed to believe this is a great way to live.
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    ^^ I LOL'd that one!! :D

    ...been reading too many SciFi books lately? :P
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