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Future of Physics

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    I love physics more than any other science because it is so fundamental and true. However, it seems as though much of physics has already been discovered and all that remains is to apply those principles in engineering and such. On the other hand, I can see a lot of potential in biology as there is a lot of research still able to be done in genetics, finding a cure to cancer, etc.

    So I guess my question comes down to this:

    -What research is currently going on for physicists?
    -Do you see as much potential in advancement of physics compared to other sciences like biotech?

    Thanks for taking the time to address a high school kid's questions. :tongue2:
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    That's what people were saying in the late 1800s, before radioactivity was discovered.
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    You have got to be kidding me!

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    I think it's all that unfortunate "we might be close to a theory of everything" stuff.

    Fizziks, I understand. When I was in high school, jaded by the utter worthlessness of my "advanced" physics course, I read a new book written by Brian Greene called "The Elegant Universe." To my amazement, it seemed physicists had cracked all the forces of the universe and all the constituents of matter and energy, except for this one last thing that would bring it all together called string theory. I also read books by the likes of Paul Davies about "the end of physics," and in my high school honors class we debated "the end of science," as much as could be done by such an amateurish group.

    Back then, it honestly seemed like physical science didn't need me. Why else, especially, would the classes be so boring, if it hadn't all been figured out?

    We still don't even understand some of the properties of water.
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