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News Future of the UN

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    Could you clarify, please, there are two ways to read your post:

    1. The UN is a flawed organization and should be disbanded in favor of a new one or reworked.
    2. The general concept of an international diplomatic organization is fatally flawed and should be abandoned.

    If your opinion is #1, I agree and think it should be reworked or scrapped and redone. There are also some fundamental problems with the concept (#2) that imply it isn't possible (yet) to have a functional international diplomatic organization, but imo, it is better to have a flawed/semi-functional one vs none at all.
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    It looks hard to get something better than the current UN system but without it we are worse off.

    I also agree with Russ, but I don't think it's easier or even possible to restructure UN unless something big happens.
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    Yes, it's #1. And here comes the million dollar question: Should it (new organization) have any power and if so, how should the power be distributed?
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    The UN has lots of minor groups/committes that provide a forum for debate/opportunity for minor politicians to create pubicty.

    It's like caling for the federal government to be shut down because some DVLC official in Oshkosh called for a ban on car phones.
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    The UN shouldn't be a place for minor politicians to create a career. And the UN has bigger problems than the religion case, but that does highlight the problems. Besides a better analogy would be a ban approved and ratified by the federal government.
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