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Future Plans

  1. Sep 22, 2005 #1
    What do I do ?

    Hi everyone, I am about rounding up my Ph.D in Theoretical Chemistry in a school outside the U.S. where coursework was not particularly emphasized and time-constraint more than readiness, dictated the time when I had to round up my program. The research area in which I worked is not generally applicable to industry and I have found it difficult finding a position afterwards. However, in the course of my Ph.D studies, I learnt some adv. maths and physics on-the-fly and I have come to consider Physics to be a very exciting field. Since I will soon be moving to the US, I am considering enrolling in another graduate program in a field which should be more relevant to industrial research like exptal solid state physics/condensed matter physics. My problem is that, I am having a tough time deciding between 2 choices where I have been offered admission; the first, a lowly-placed school where I can do a Masters, get a structured education, do well in the Physics GRE (HOPEFULLY !), which would do my self-confidence a whole world of good, and go on to a very top-placed program for another Ph.D or accept a place in a medium-placed school for a Ph.D. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from anyone on this forum.
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