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Future researcher, ChemE vs Physics

  1. Jul 22, 2010 #1
    Im entering my 3rd year of chemical engineering undergraduate study and Im still really torn between ChemE and physics. They both are exciting to me. I actually like physics more, however, the way I see it, ChemE will give me more opportunities while still providing similar intellectual rewards that physics offers. (hope that makes sense)

    Now when It comes down to it, I just want a job that's significant, and challenging, where I can develop new things or make new discoveries. I think it would be amazing to work in places like PNNL, Fermi, NASA, or Argonne. So I think I belong in research and I feel that chemE is a good route for this.
    Am I correct? Or would physics be a better choice?

    Also, If I do get a ChemE B.S., would I have to go for a PhD to get a job at places like I mentioned above?
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