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Future study in Quantum Information Theory/Computing

  1. Nov 9, 2004 #1
    I am currently a freshman at rutgers university and I am planning to do a double major in Physics and Mathematics with a minor in Comp Sci. I am very much interested in the research fields of Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Computing and I was wondering if anybody could recommend a track for my mathematics courses.

    For my physics major I already have to take up to Partial Diff Eq but from there I am unsure where I should focus my mathematics major. By the end of this semester I would have taken up to Regular Diff Eq as well as a course in Intro Linear Algebra and Mathematical Reasoning. Out of the possible future course tracks of Advanced Calculus, linear Algebra and Abstract Algebra, Numerical Analysis, probablity, or anything else I might have missed, which courses would prepare me the best for this exciting research field? Thank you in advance for any help you may offer

    PS. If anybody has any recommendations for my comp sci minor that would be appreciated as well
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    I would also like to know about all the required maths courses for QI&QC
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    Lie Algebra is a must. But, it is a hard course.
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    Lie algebra, clifford algebra, algebra, tensor analysis, quantum mechanics , advance matrix theory, fourier analysis, algorithm analysis, topology, geometry, PDE, control and system
    basic probability and statistic is also helpful too.
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