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Homework Help: Future Teacher

  1. Jul 8, 2004 #1
    I am an aspiring secondary mathematics teacher here in the states. what i want to know is are there any posts/discussions on things that deal with the classroom? i am putting this post here, since this is HW help K-12. can anyone tell me? also, does anyone here belong to NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)? is it really worth paying for the membership? is your school/university have a chapter with them?
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    Not sure about the NCTM, but I would stay away from the NEA.

    Here is a thread that got out of hand, but you will find it interesting. But please don't post to it, as it should be allowed to die its natural death:

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    thanks a lot. i see by reading it that division by polynomials is useless sometimes, but in mathematics, don't we need to look and find ways why it "doesn't" work? also, i feel that there is no need to post anything new, becuase towards the end of the post, it is very true. most of the differentation can be done by hand, not only with mathematica.

    btw, i am a novice to this whole mathematica program. what are the benefits that a future educator could reap from this, or is it too advanced for today's secondary schools?
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    I think Maple/Mathematica/MathCAD are dynamite at the high school level. Just don't let them use it as a crutch.
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