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Future,time,space and light

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    Ok please pardon my English and grammer. as its 1 of the subjects i did most poorly at

    i would like to start on a topic that has led me to be soo confused and troubled
    ive seen and read some of Stevens hawking books. and as it was quoted
    to by some physics professor that looking at the stars was like looking back into the past
    because of the time that the light takes to travel in to Ur eye..
    well ok at this point i understand the theory.
    but what dose it acctually mean by the past?

    If i could state some rules to apply to my general measurement.
    lets say. i stopped time. just to view every thing around us. as far as u could imagin.
    at this moment. there is no past and no future. every thing is at hault.
    and u would travle to the most distant planet away from where ever u are and it would not be what u would have seen from a telescope. because viewing from a telescope with the regular rules in this world. would have mean as i said looking back to the past.!
    and so this is where my mind gets realie confused.

    1. Zero time . every thing has stoped moving. and u have the power of being any where in the glaxy u wana be.

    2.regular time. every thing has been moving how the world would be and with you eyes through the worlds best telescope you would be looking at the past.

    Amazingly some times what u see is not what u get.

    Past or future. is somthing i do not understand.
    but what i have come to realise is that we know soo little of what is there to be known.

    thanks for reading.
    i hope to hear some feedback soon.
    sorry for my english and ect.
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    Very true.

    As the universe is infinite, there is no way to know everything about everything.
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