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Future travel: How will we get around?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I kinda like the idea of ultralight flying car idea, but I think someone may go overboard and mount a light machine gun on their flying car and strafte people (most likely mafioso types). And jet packs? Better have good protection, wouldnt want to slam face-first into a wall.

    The only idea that seems interesting enough to implement is the driverless cabs and the maglev trains (for extremely congested urban areas).
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    Then again... there are always the classic ways of transporation. Bicycling is probably not going to go away for a very long time. Or do like I do and run around town. To get to the other side my town, it usually takes me around thirty or so minutes, depending on pace.

    Or for the physically-challenged there is that Segway human transporter two-wheel gyrostabilized thingie.
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    I thaught that that plane was very unnessesary and a large waste of the environments resources.
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    Future Travel?

    Hybrid and Hydrogen powered cars.

    If Americans are willing to give up the V8 SUVs full of power they don't need.
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    Aye, future travel, at least what we'll see seems to be rooted in the gas-efficient cars. If the auto industry would just give in and start making more and more cars with the engines, Joe Consumer wouldn't have the option to buy the gas-guzzling V8 Ford Excursion.

    I'm telling you, if Honda would make a car that looked similar to the $300,000 Lamborghini, with the engine of their hybrid, and have it cost under $20k, they would sell a ton of them!

    As far as flying cars, etc, hell no. At least not if they are under the control of the public. Think just how bad soooo many drivers are these days. Think of road rage. Now imagine that at any altitude. Holy hell!

    That automatic driving system thing that they tested in California looks great, but that has the same problem as everything else. You have to have the car with the technology to use it. That means EVERYONE buying new cars, which is not financially possible.

    Who knows..
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