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Fuzzy arithmetic

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    fuzzy arithmetic....

    hey, i'm a newbie in this field.....just know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fuzzy numbers.... but want to learn a bit more....could u give me some gud links to some sites tht explain fuzzy numbers, etc... all i get on the net is going over my head....some simple sites plssss, thnx....

    also, i have this doubt....

    [a,b] - [c,d] = [a-d, b-c]......right???
    therefore, transposing [c,d], we have

    [a,b] = [a-d, b-c] + [c,d]
    and hence...

    [a,b] = [a + c - d, b + d - c]......how is tht??? or is wrong to transpose like tht???
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    wow interesting...

    I recommend you get a book since all I've been able to find was how to add/subtract/multiply

    I think there might be some theorem you're missing that maybe changes [c,d] to [d,c] which would give you the [a,b]=[a,b]. Even though the amount of numbers inside the interval [a,b] stays the same as [a+c-d,b+d-c] it is just translated to the right/left depending on c and d.
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    how is the amount of numbers inside the interval the same???? think abt it.... if u put
    c - d = p, say....
    the interval becomes [a + p, b - p]..... which means the interval has shortened....
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    whops didn't notice that ><, yea there must be some theorem or something that's missing.
    Probably any book that deals with fuzzy arithmetic will have it.

    still can't find anything other than how to use a computer program to do fuzzy arithmetic...
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