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Homework Help: G-equidecomposable and equivalence relation

  1. Aug 5, 2005 #1
    G acts via isometries on a set X, and A,B are subsets of X. Prove that the relation A~B is an equivalence relation on subsets of X iff A and B are G-equidecomposable.

    I think this has to do with the Banach-Schroder theorem, but am not sure. I know it is a definition in group theory, but am not sure how to prove it since it seem pretty self explanitory to me.
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    Can someone help????
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    matt grime

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    define G-equidecomposable, please,

    the result should be easy isnce it just checking 3 things for the property of equidecomposability, whatever that may be, which are generally trivial for groups since groups have inverses, and identity and composition is associative. eg if X~Y and g in G effects this relation, then g^{-1} will (probably) effect the relation Y~X, if X~Y and Y~Z and the relation is because of elements f and g resp. then gf wil mean that X~Y, and X~X because e(X)=X.

    note i haven't a clue what equidecompsoability is, but this will be the proof, i'm almost sure of it.
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