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G20 country for females

  1. Jun 15, 2012 #1
    http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Canada+best+country+females/6780157/story.html [Broken]

    I am bit surprised to see following ranks:

    1. Canada

    2. Germany

    3. Britain

    4. Australia

    5. France

    6. United States

    7. Japan

    8. Italy

    9. Argentina

    10. South Korea

    11. Brazil

    12. Turkey

    13. Russia

    14. China

    15. Mexico

    16. South Africa

    17. Indonesia

    18. Saudi Arabia

    19. India - Reuters
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    Which ones do you find surprising? Looks about right to me.
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    Hmm.... it wouldn't be a news story in Vancouver, unless Canada came either first or last!
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    Few surprises:
    - Religiously conservative country like SA is above India
    - Canada is number 1 :smile:
    - Germany/France are not as better for women than Canada as I thought
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    I usually prefer to use Vancouver Sun since I love Vancouver so much! :rofl:
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    I suppose it depends on just how one measures. France may take a hit for banning burqas and allegedly reducing the freedoms of women or they may just as well get a boost from it for fighting the oppression of women.
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    Here's the original source:
    www.trust.org/trustlaw/news/special-coverage/g20women/ [Broken]
    Here's a fact sheet of how the report was generated:
    http://www.trust.org/documents/womens-rights/resources/G20Poll2012-methodologyandresults.pdf [Broken]
    Regarding the ranking:
    It goes into more detail as to why the rankings are the way they are. For example for Canada (the best) and India (the worse);

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    And the rating for men-country should not be that much different.

    I do wonder why Canada received such a high score in the human trafficking item (11.71) (US 4.0 ) especially in light of the fact that the US recently gave Canada a nudge to do some updates on the issue. Although 19 would have been a perfect score.

    This is from a few years and somewhat current:

    NGOs and government agencies do not agree on the assessment of the problem in Canada.
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    I'm curious; looking at the example of Canada, it is saying that "62% of university graduates are female" makes the country good for women. Presumably this is because it is more than half. This implies that only 38% of university graduates are male. Does this make the country bad for men?
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    No because it's extremely unlikely that men are underrepresented because of oppressive laws or customs. The same cant be said for a low number of female graduates. If course though this statistic can't be taken in of itself but rather as a marker to be looked into.
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    Something interesting I came across a day before I read the rankings:
    Ratio of 136 boys to 100 girls raises issue of selective abortion

    It's funny how the worst G20 country women still suffer even when they are in the best G20 country for the women.
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