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G5 i mac

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    start your drooling

    anyone here going to buy one?
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    $$$ + no game support = no purchase :tongue2:
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    Well, I hate Aqua and I'm not much for running Linux on a PPC, well Apple PPC that is. With this said, I think my answer is a no. :shy:
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    A G5 iMac thread already exists Here. It was posted days ago.

    If you want to play games, buy a Playstation. There's no point in buying a computer just for game support, when you can spend hundreds less for a system made purely for gaming.
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    WHy would You EVER buy a ps when you could get the xbox
    you can do so much more with the box
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    Ultra-low gaming performance can be yours for a song

    Playstation resolution: 320x240
    Computer resolution: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1400x1050, 1600x1200, 1920x1440, 2048x1536

    A typical computer gaming resolution is 1280x1024. Pixel for pixel, the video outputs of 16 console game machines (a 4x4 grid) can fit in the space of a single 1280x1024 screen.

    Many computers are built almost exclusively for gaming. The most expensive parts - parts which anyone can purchase at near wholesale prices, thanks to online venders - are exactly the parts a console game manufacturer would need to put in its machines in order to achieve comparable gaming performance.

    Either the manufacturers of console games are getting these parts at supernatural cut-rates and then philanthropically giving them away to the public in their machines, or the manufacturers of console games are not putting the very best gaming parts in the machines they sell. The latter case seems more likely, and if you want to build a computer game machine that performs so poorly it can only be run at adequate frame-rates at ultra-low resolutions, you can home-build one for about the same as – or less than – the price that a typical console sells for.
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    xbox and computer

    all you need
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