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GAH. Snake Oil.

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    I posted about this in Scepticism at first. There's a guy pushing magnetic "health and wellness" treatments and other dubious gadgetry, and today he brought along a friend/colleague to "provide more information". Against my initial wishes, I let myself slip into a debate with them, which very nearly degenerated into a right shouting match. :yuck:

    I spent most of the time basically explaining the meaning of rigorous scientific testing, anecdotal evidence, and relativistic ethics (don't ask). And they didn't get it. In fact, they didn't care. They robotically repeated their party line that they weren't in the medical field at all (yet they dropped names with "Dr." and mentioned medical journals). Not that I wasn't expecting it. Still I went as far as directly calling them snake-oil hawkers. Fortunately, they tired of it too and my parents tactfully intervened and they left. :grumpy:

    Clearly, I'm not happy with how it went. What do you think I should've done? Kindly smile and nod and hope they'd go away? Patronisingly agree, yet lie so they'd leave? Vengefully kick them out? Or do exactly what I did?

    How do you handle these people? :confused:
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    Keep the water hose nearby. :wink:
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    I'd listen closely to everything they had to say, then when they offered to let me try their bracelet or whatever it was I'd put it on and start screaming like it was burning my skin. Then I'd fall on the floor and twitch a couple times and pee in my pants.
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    That could work, but I know it wouldn't.

    I would have done the same as you. I know nothing about these bracelets, but I'm smart enough to know science isn't that easy. Again, if it's too good to be true, than it is too good to be true.
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    That happens to me every morning when I put my watch on. (Drives my wife nuts) :smile:
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    If they couldn't provide any more info than what's in their brochures and keep coming up with the similar lines to your questions than they're not only bad sales people but more than likely nothing than a couple of hucksters. They're also very thick hucksters to see that you weren't an easy mark and that they shouldv'e moved on to someone else. I smell a thinly veiled pyrimid scheme lurking in the background somewhere. Their next step is either to get you to buy more and more related products "for all your health concerns" or give you the "but the real money is in getting other people into this business. You can get in on the ground floor now for only (fill in the blank amount) $$$$ but you have to hurry. THis oportunity won't last long!" line. :tongue2:
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    Spot on. :wink:
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