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Homework Help: GAIN and IMPEDANCE of a complex Circuit

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    I am supposed to calculate the gain of the circuit given in the attachment. I have attached it in a word file.

    Z is the generic term for the effective resistance. I get that Z is

    Z = [jwL +(R/jwC)]/(R+1/jwC)

    Can someone tell me if this is correct?

    Also, now for the gain, it is supposed to output Voltage/input voltage. For this example, is Z the output voltage and jwL + Z the input voltage ?


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    To view the attachment, just click on it and say open.

    Any help would be really useful.

    Thanks, James
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    Z = [jwL +(R/jwC)/(R+1/jwC)]

    GRRRRRR. Z is impedance, not voltage. The output voltage is Vo * Zab/Z. So the gain is the magnitude of Zab/Z.

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