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Gaining knowledge about antenna

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    i am a third year btech student , i am interested in gaining knowledge about antenna and their working.kindly help me by refering some good books for begineers.
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    One of the best textbooks to learn from is Balanis, "Antenna Theory." What is "btech", what year are you and what is your math/E&M background?
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    There are also some Antenna books published by the ARRL which are very good, touch on everything, relatively cheap, and easy to find used.....

    hope this helps.
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    Hello car I am a licensed amateur radio operator with a general class license and hopefully before I go to school I will have my extra license. ARRL has some very good books such as the antenna book. This book is very detailed however its cost is 50 dollars.This book covers all antenna's such as vertical(the type I have at my house),dipole,yagi,quad,loop,beam,etc. It also talks about propagation and hows antennas effect it.

    You can also find a lot of information on the internet just search. A lot of people learn about antennas by making them. Thats how I learned. When I put up my vertical at my house I had to calculate the best place to put it by figuring out the amount of noise I would have caused by the power lines behind my house. You also have to take into consideration interference the antenna would cause to your neighbors TV, Telephone, Radio, etc.

    If you would not like to pay for a book my option is the internet. many other amateur radio operators publish and post information about antennas on their own websites. If you have any question or would like help let me know antennas are my favorite part of my amateur radio hobby. For arrl go to arrl.org
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